Company overview

WISE Srl is a Milan- and Berlin-based biomedical company developing a genuinely new generation of implantable leads for Neuromodulation and Neuromonitoring .

WISE’s electrodes are highly biocompatible, foldable, stretchable and minimally invasive compared to existing products and will overcome the major limitations of today’s technology. They will allow to improve the treatment of patients that are already profiting from Neuromodulation, while at the same time expanding the use of Neuromodulation to fields and clinical indications in which the complex technical demands cannot be met by the current technology.

The electrodes are produced through a proprietary innovative technology: the Supersonic Cluster Beam Implantation (SCBI), which allows the metallization of stretchable polymers. SCBI consists in embedding metal nanoparticles inside a preformed polymer base in order to form a conductive metal-polymer skin on its surface. The SCBI technology has been protected by patents in Europe, USA, Israel, Canada, India, Japan and Korea. Alongside the IP, WISE holds a strong know-how on the technology and its implementation.